About The Blog

Welcome to the works of a ¬†fragile young man who finds more comfort in speaking to trees than actual people. That’s ok though because deep down everyone knows that trees are the superior race anyway. This blog has been set up with the purpose of letting others read (if they wish) the musing of an odd man-child from The Shire that mainly focus around a fondness of videogames and films. Realising that in the real world I’ll never actually overthrow a space-Nazi regime or get to soar fend off waves of the undead, I decided instead to take to writing about them, it’s pretty therapeutic and maybe you’ll enjoy it too.

If this isn’t your cup of tea (as the British are stereotypically known for, though personally I can’t stand the stuff) ¬†then you’re welcome to search for a blog elsewhere young ones, there is no binding contract here but if you decide to stay then bless your cotton socks and I hope you get something out of reading the daft nonsense I’ve seen countless others do more articulately than me.

One other thing, reader discretion is advised as there may be explicit photos of ice cream. Because nobody can ever have enough ice cream.

Getting The Ball Rolling