Scoring System For Film/TV shows

This is essentially an explanation of how I decided to score any films or TV shows/series I have watched. Your own opinions are perfectly valid but just remember, ChuckleVision is the greatest show the Britain has ever produced. Alongside Fort Boyard and whoever produced that.

0/1- Steaming sh*te/couldn’t watch to end. Probably one of those reality TV shows.
2- Maybe one or two good bits but you’d have to be a hardcore fan to enjoy.
3- Few redeeming qualities, like what Sauron has going for him.
4- Bit dull, probably yawned once or twice during a viewing (probably more).
5- Average, nothing more/less.
6- Decent, more good than bad and some moments that make it better than average.
7- Good, not a cinematic masterpiece but worth the watch.
8- Excellent film, consistently brilliant in many cinematographic elements throughout.
9- Truly amazing, essential watch, like the visual equivalent of cookie dough ice cream.
10- One of a kind special, nails every aspect of the cinematography. A masterpiece.