Scoring System For Games

So this page is essentially just a quick rundown of how I try and score games in my head. Remember it’s fine to disagree kids. Just never do it about the Ratchet and Clank games.

0/1- Steaming pile of sh*te/burn the disc and never mention it again.
2- Close to breaking the disc, probably didn’t just to save and harm to hands.
3- Few redeeming qualities, there’s something good but it’s hidden by all the bad.
4- Bit dull, repetitive or buggy.
5- Average, nothing more/less, like white bread.
6- Decent, more good than bad though and still worth giving a try.
7- Good, not the greatest ever game but worth the playthrough.
8- Excellent game, consistently strong gameplay and ideas throughout. A joy to play.
9- Truly amazing, essential game to play, near perfect with few flaws.
10- One of a kind special. Nails everything it aims to do.